Valbruna, a hamlet of the municipality of Malborghetto-Valbruna, is surrounded by Mounts Lussari, Nabois, Jôf Fuart, Montasio and Jôf di Miezegnot.  Already in the past it was a destination for many tourists, including the mountaineer-poet Julius Kugy, who between 1885-1919 chose it as a starting point for his ascents to the peaks of the Julian Alps. 

Val Saisera and its mountains will represent one of the most valuable environments in Valcanale, but they were also the scene of bitter fighting during the Great War as a reminder of which there are numerous war remains, particularly along the slopes of Jôf di Somdogna and Jôf di Miezegnot, which formed the border line during World War I. 

From the village of Valbruna one can reach the Malga Saisera and several shelters from where there is an incredible view of the Julian Alps. There are also several thematic trails, the Forest Sound Track and the Great War Theme Park Abschnitt Saisera. Finally, in winter there are some of the most beautiful cross-country ski trails in the region.

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The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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