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The Tarvisio area offers many possibilities for climbing enthusiasts, with several outdoor alpine gyms, but also thanks to the "Julius Kugy" indoor climbing gym, located inside the Sports Hall.


The alpine gyms on the site are those presented in the guidebook "Alpine Gyms in the Tarvisio area" produced by: Alpine Julia Brigade and Military Ski and Mountaineering Instructors.

Please respect the following rules to safeguard the natural and historical environment of the Tarvisio Forest!



  • leave cars in parking lots in an orderly manner and walk to gyms;
  • respect plants, flowers and mushrooms, do not pick them;
  • do not leave garbage, use the appropriate containers;
  • it is forbidden to light fires;
  • camping is prohibited.


Climbing is an activity that involves accepting a certain amount of risk so those who participate in the sport do so on their own responsibility.

  • Stationed only as long as necessary for climbing
  • wear a helmet
  • climbing untied is prohibited
  • Know dynamic assurance methods and be able to apply them
  • Hook all referral points, even when climbing with rope from above
  • use CE-marked equipment
  • use only whole and dynamic strings
  • Accompany minors (responsible person)
  • accompanying beginners (mountain guide/expert)

Point of arrival

The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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