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The proposal is aimed at enhancing the cross-border territory by strengthening its external visibility and the physical usability of the itineraries while respecting the environment and the needs of tourist mobility, examining the current situation according to the accessibility to the main places of interest, and facilitating their accessibility by users (tourists and cyclists) through the promotion and systemization of existing public transport, as well as improving the overall practicability of the Alpe Adria Radweg-CAAR Cycleway. It will be proposed to launch new experimental intermodal passenger services (e.g., bic +bus from MICOTRA train stations), launch new bike friendly services, and implement joint actions for tourism promotion, see the affixing of common signage near the CAAR's focal points. The LP, in agreement with partners Land Carinthia and the respective relevant tourist boards, will help identify connections to the most important cycle routes in the area, for greater enjoyment of cross-border natural and cultural assets. The project plans to implement pilot projects for the safety of the CAAR, eliminating architectural barriers and critical points present in a section in the vicinity of the Municipality of Pontebba, through the reuse of the former Pontebbana railway, efficiency of intermodality and launch of new bike friendly services.

Publication pursuant to Article 15, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Legislative Decree 33/2013.

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The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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