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The Tarvisio Forest covers nearly 24,000 hectares between the Carnic and Julian Alps, on the borders of Austria and Slovenia, in the far northeastern sector of the province of Udine.

Its history, however, has distant origins. In the year 1007 the Emperor of Germany, Henry II, the Saint, granted it to the Bishop of Bamberg in Bavaria, who held dominion over it until the year 1759 when it was purchased by Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria.
When World War I ended, under the Treaty of St. German, it was assigned in the year 1919 to Italy and incorporated into the State Property.

Today, the Tarvisio Forest is owned by the Worship Buildings Fund, an entity of the Ministry of the Interior, established by Law No. 222 of May 221985, while its management has been entrusted to the State Forestry Corps since the year 1932.

The Forest is embellished with a great variety of natural habitats and is home to a sought-after flora of which there is no shortage of valuable endenisms, as well as a fauna including large European predators.
Even the famous resonance spruce, from which important stringed musical instruments are made, lives among these forests in which valuable mushrooms also grow, precisely reflecting the high naturalness of this area.
The scenic beauty is enhanced by the variety of the natural environments: from the multicolored forests of the mid-mountain to the spectacular spires of the rocky environments, mellowed by the verdant patches from the alpine grasslands, to the perennial snowfields.

Point of arrival

The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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