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The Tarvisio area transforms in summer into a real open-air gym in which to try your hand at exciting sports activities: hiking, golf, Nordic walking, free climbing, MTB, dog trekking, rafting are just some of the sports that can be practiced in this enchanting place that can meet all expectations.


Thanks to the work done on herself and the experience gained with the Yang horse and several other horses, Michela Battistutti, Counselor and Natural Equestrian Guide, succeeds in acting as a link between The Human Being and the animal, giving concrete help
to the person who intends to realize an improvement, especially emotional, in his or her life.

Michela proposes an activity of approaching a herd of free horses aimed at personal introspection and observation of one's own emotions.

The activity is suitable for people of all ages.


The school is an amateur sports association recognized by CONI and the Italian Culture and Sport Association, and directed by Ararad and Monica Khatchikian, the only "mushers" (sled drivers) to have participated in the world's most exciting races such as the Iditarod and Yukon Quest of 1800 km in Alaska and Canada and the Alpirod and Transitaliana of 900 km in Europe.

It has 40 festive sled dogs that become enthusiastic friends during guided "dog trekking" excursions along trails in the enchanted scenery of the Tarvisian Forest and Fusine Plain.

The activity lasts about 1:30 h and consists of: theoretical explanation, preparation, tour of the Center, hiking in the company of a dog secured by means of a special harness.



The rail bobsleigh offers an 880-meter long course with 665 downhill, 215 uphill and a 73-meter elevation gain.

The track includes a series of curves with different slopes and radii, a loop (closed loop with 360-degree turns), and a series of woops and bumps to make even the straight sections adrenaline-pumping.

The downhill loop has no less than 11% inclination at each point, which allows gravity travel of vehicles. However, the speed can be adjusted by the driver himself, dosing the brake action with the appropriate levers as he chooses.


The Sella Nevea Adventure Park is an amusement park for all nature lovers, immersed entirely in the forest and caters to a very wide range of customers: from 3 to 90 years old, for families, sportsmen and children, regardless of the degree of physical fitness. Particularly for those who want to experience an adventure in the woods with a simple and fulfilling physical activity.

It consists of five acrobatic courses, of increasing difficulty, in which the user must move between trees on which are placed platforms areas at varying heights, through various equipment walkways, ropes, Tibetan bridges, pulleys, lianas and suspension bridges, in total safety, emulating the exploits of Tarzan, Indiana Jones, 007.

FOREST bathing 


Activities for listening and self-awareness in relation to the surrounding natural environment and its elements.

The experience is guided through games and activities involving all the senses or just some of them, under the banner of anti-stress relaxation, psycho-physical regeneration, recovery of the natural rhythm and fun.

The forest area where the forest bath is proposed is part of the certified forest therapy station of Fusine in Val Romana (among the first certified in Italy).


Alone or in the company of an instructor, paragliding is one of the most spectacular ways to discover an area, and in the Tarvisio area you can do it both in summer and winter! 

The summit of Mount Lussari lends itself perfectly to the activity of flying, and you can practice all disciplines of paragliding, except speedfly. You can take off in winds from all directions, except southeast.
The northern takeoffs (the two ski slopes) are also suitable for beginner pilots while those from the summit (east and south directions), are more suitable for experienced pilots.
There are two official landing sites, both of medium difficulty: Camporosso (gondola) and Valbruna. 

During the winter period, takeoff is allowed only from the summit (near the cross). Depending on snow conditions, it is feasible to make the ascent on skis or on foot. Takeoffs can be reached comfortably by gondola or, for Hike&Fly enthusiasts, also on foot.


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Alpin Action nasce dalla passione per gli sport acquatici dei suoi fondatori e dal desiderio di trasferirla a quante più persone possibile. Si rinnova di anno in anno per presentarsi in una veste sempre più attuale dal punto di vista didattico e turistico.

La sede si trova nel cuore delle Alpi Giulie, a Trnovo ob Sŏci, a pochi chilometri dal confine italiano al Passo Predil, sul fiume Sŏca. Il team, composto da professionisti con una vasta esperienza sui corsi d'acqua provenienti da tutto il mondo, uniti dalla voglia di divertimento e dalla passione per il fiume, vi accompagnerà nella pratica dei seguenti sport acquatici:

  • Rafting: Un gommone progettato per l'uso sui fiumi e in grado di trasportare fino a 8 persone. Stabile e robusto, ideale per gli inesperti
  • Kayak: nato come mezzo di trasporto per il popolo Inuit, è diventato uno degli sport fluviali più popolari al mondo
  • Bellyak: nuovissima attività fluviale per tutti, a metà tra kayak e tavola da surf, da usare sdraiati, in ginocchio o seduti e manovrata con gli appositi guanti da nuoto
  • Hydrospeed: sdraiati sull'acqua con il nostro bob galleggiante, sei pronto per affrontare le piste più belle di Sŏca
  • Canyoning: si scende attraverso strette gole scavate nel calcare dalla corrente dell'acqua, si superano con un salto piccoli pendii e cascatelle e ci si tuffa in pozze di acqua cristallina

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The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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