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following the sound of nature


Following the Sound of Nature is an invitation to walk the routes that connect the mountain pastures of the Carnic Ridge, cheered by the echo of cowbells bouncing from one pasture to the next.

There is no barrier that contains this sound made of notes that are the stories of shepherds, woodsmen and all the people who inhabit these mountains. Living these experiences is not only pure physical exercise, but above all an opportunity to discover the cultural roots that are interwoven among the alpine pastures that wind along the Italian-Austrian border.



The trekking trail connects Sappada to Tarvisio and, along its 200 km, runs at high altitude along the long and articulated Main Carnic Ridge linking the mountain huts, farmhouses and refuges on the Italian and Austrian sides.

The itinerary consists of 8 stages, in addition to the Malga Montasio loop.

The route, usable in both directions, runs along dirt roads, paths and old mule tracks that do not present significant hiking difficulties, but require adequate physical preparation.




The MADE-Bike bicycle touring route is offered exclusively with a west-east trend. The route consists of 6 stages, in addition to the Montasio Ring, and is 217 km long with an elevation gain of 1,500 m, connecting the valley floors with some of the most interesting alpine areas in the cross-border area: Sauris, Zoncolan, Pramosio, Zollner and Bischof, Stranig and Rattendorf, Egger and Dellacher and finally the Ugovizza Alp, Lussatri and Montasio Plateau.

Mountain biking enjoyment of the route, given its complexity and altitude difference, is recommended for experienced and well-trained cyclists. For those who use the bike occasionally, we recommend discovering the route through the use of a pedal-assisted bicycle.

Point of arrival

The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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