Exciting. Unique. Immersed in nature.


Music in nature as a cultural form and means of communication that crosses linguistic, ethnic, social and geographical boundaries.

The No Borders Music Festival is a music festival that has been attracting artists of the highest caliber for almost thirty years, combining the international language of music with the identity and specificity of the Tarvisio area.

The Festival is a container of musical experiences without borders, that is, without delimitations of musical genre, ranging from classical music to Jazz, and of social or geographical affiliation of the invited artists.

Through music, the most important music festival in the northeast, it has succeeded in helping thousands of Italian and foreign visitors discover some of the most pristine and evocative naturalistic places in the Tarvisio mountain area, while paying increasing attention over the years to the aspect of environmental sustainability.

The Natural Sound is the event's sustainable approach that correlates live music with the cultural and naturalistic aspects of some of the area's most prestigious locations: the Fusine Lakes district, the Montasio Plateau, the Conca Prevale del Canin and the Val Bartolo, while setting itself the ambitious goal of minimizing its ecological footprint.

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The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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