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The Valcanale - Canal del Ferro, whose historical events represent an extraordinary and fascinating baggage, have preserved, and in some cases reworked, traditions belonging to the Latin, German and Slavic ethnic groups not only in the cultural, economic and social spheres but also in the gastronomic sector.

The centuries-old genuine encounter between the mountain culinary tradition, represented by Friulian-Carnian, Carinthian and Slovenian cuisine and the flavors of the Mediterranean, reveals its best fruits here.


The presence of an unspoiled nature and a very ancient forest, among the most extensive and intact on the peninsula, have conditioned the local food habits with the presence of game and mushrooms, berries and malga cheese.

Alongside such typically Central European aspects, it is surprising to find, particularly in the Tarvisio area, fish and Mediterranean dishes as a result of the simultaneous substantial presence of many Italians of southern origin and the consequent important demand from the neighboring Austrians and Slovenes, who have always been lovers of Italian wines and dishes

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The Tarvisio tourist destination is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia

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