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  • Nassfeld-Pressegger See
  • Friday, 13/10/2023
The delight of Castellvino (wine bacon), root bacon and hay bacon
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The delight of Castellvino (wine bacon), root bacon and hay bacon

Curing and smoking with the castle’s landlord and Gailtal Valley Bacon Master, and getting a piece of cultural heritage of the Alps

At Lerchenhof Castle, farming in a natural way has been practised for centuries. The production of traditional and creative types of bacon is a special concern of the considerate farmer and landlord Hans Steinwender and his family. He is one of only 17 certified producers of the genuine, origin-protected Gailtal Valley bacon. The bacon master shows you how his products are made at his farm-own butcher's and in his smokehouse. He will take you on a tour of the farm, during which you will learn many facts about the keeping of pigs, the slaughtering process and the careful smoking and airdrying of the traditional Gailtal Valley bacon. This includes the selection of fine spices for the curing process, the heating of the smokehouse as well as information about the duration of the airdrying process. It takes a long time, at least 6 to 8 months, before a really good bacon can be enjoyed. It does not take quite as long with this bacon course, because the bacon master has already prepared a snack of four different types of bacon to be enjoyed after the farm tour.

What is included:

  • From animal farming to Gailtal Valley bacon
  • Samples of different types of bacon at Lerchenhof
  • Beer or natural juices

Start: 04 pm | Duration: 2 hours | Maximum: 10 participations

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