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  • Kötschach-Mauthen
  • Saturday, 14/10/2023
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The Carnic mountain aronia
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The Carnic mountain aronia

A robust fruit shrub as superfood in the Gailtal Valley - Sampling the Carnic mountain aronia after hand-picking

Originally from North America, chokeberries have now also been discovered as a new superfood in the Alpine zones, and are being cultivated in local fields. A homecomer from Würmlach has planted around 2400 shrubs on his chokeberry farm. The berries have been harvested by hand and turned into good-tasting, healthy Holleronia products for five years now. The purely organic cultivation as well as the careful and painstaking picking of the chokeberry berries from the almost two-metre-high shrubs can now be experienced during an information-packed harvest day in the chokeberry field. Then it's off to the processing facility in an old farmhouse, where the berries, which are rich in vital substances, are pressed and processed into juices, fruit spreads and other high-quality chokeberry specialities.

• Guided tour through the cultivation garden of the Carnic mountain aronia
• Collective picking of the chokeberries and lots of interesting information about their value in terms of health
• Processing of the harvest into aronia berry juice or aronia berry fruit spreads to take home
• Small Jause snack board incl. drink in the aronia berry garden

Start: 10 am | Duration 5 hours | Maximum: 8 participants

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