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  • Friday, 27/10/2023
Award-winning craft beer brewers go organic
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Award-winning craft beer brewers go organic

Much more than hop and malt – how bread beer and other top-fermented beers are made at the Loncium Brewery

What started by chance out of a fancy mood of two former globetrotters is now a creative place for unusual craft beers. The two professional brewers show in beer-brewing seminars how hand-brewed craft beers is designed and tastefully created. For example, the “Gailtaler Weisse“ wheat beer only contains organic wheat, organic pilsner malt and the finest organic brewing barley. The brewery-own yeast strain gives this beer its unique character. However, the cooperation with baker Matitz or maize farmer Sepp Brandstätter inspires the master brewers also to new creations. With the Gailtaler Urkraft bread beer, where leftovers of bread are put to good use, they are pointing the way to sustainable beer-brewing. How is beer sampled properly? What aromas are used in the different types of beer? How history-packed is the small brewery? The answers to these questions and much more are provided by the Loncium Beer Slow Food experience in Carinthia’s tastiest corner.

What is included:

  • This is how craft beer is made at the Loncium Brewery, incl. tour of the brewery
  • Sampling of different types of beer
  • Carrier with 6 different types of beer

Start January - March: 4 pm | Duration: 1,5 hours | Maximum: 15 participations

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